Terry B 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 4dr Town Sedan

All original Mayberry 59

We were driving around Mt. Airy, NC on a weekend trip and ran across a black Ford sitting on the side of the road at a speed shop on hwy 89 (89 Speed Shop). At first sight we couldn’t figure out exactly what it was because it had Fairlane 500 badging, but it had “Galaxie” on the rear fenders. Upon further examination we discovered that this car had just over 60k original miles and has never been touched in any way. Under the hood sat the original 352 but the black and gold interior is really the star of the car. It looks just the way it did on the day it was purchased just down the street in 1959.

My wife, Lisa immediately fell in love with it and called her dad (our family patriarch of all things Ford) just to find out if it was something we should consider buying. I guess somewhere along the way the call took an unexpected turn. It seems that as she described the black 59 her father told her that he wanted it, and wanted it badly. The call ended with her handing me the phone and telling me that we were going to buy it...only it's going to her dad and she had just worked out a trade for his 68 Ranchero.

So we traded the 59 to my father in law for his 68 Ranchero and Lisa had a great time driving around Charlotte for a year. My father in law, a paint and body man, became somewhat frustrated with the 59 because it is so original that he couldn’t bring himself to touch it. When Lisa sensed his frustration she went to work on the old man and now it's back in Charlotte and the Ranchero is back up north. I’ve worn out a set of tires trailering these cars back and forth between Charlotte and Indiana.

Our cars are all very special to us and they play an important role in our family. We meet up at big events, the Charlotte Auto Fair is a favorite, and cars are always at the center of our family events. The trades and purchases and the bartering or bickering that goes along with that have become the fabric of our family's culture.

Anyway, we were wanting to submit the car because it is truly something special. This is a car that has always been somebody's baby. Here is a picture of the 59 at Wally’s Service Station (of Andy Griffith fame). Mt. Airy is Andy’s home town and has a lot of the actual places that they recreated in the show. Pretty neat place to cruise around in our cars.

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