Buckwheat Z 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera 2dr Cabriolet


I had a good year in '85 so I treated myself to a red 911 Cabriolet. I've had it ever since, but one day I came home to find it gone. My heart rate soared, my vision was bright and pulsing, and I was hearing celestial music. It was still gone. The cops came, they clucked, they showed me a nice 8x10 of the thief driving past their traffic cam...the top was down, he was wearing my frickin Yankees hat, he had a big smile on his face.

Long story short he took a turn too fast and guess what happened. Yup, slid it off the road, messed it up some, and left it there. Guess he hadn't driven 911s much. Before long the insurance company decides to total it but allows me to buy it back. An old ski buddy who is a long time Porsche mechanic and racer takes the car and puts it back together out of parts he has laying around, and he gives it back looking good.

I'm glad we've been reunited. One of my kids will get it eventually and then maybe one of the grand kids; who knows?I wish he hadn't taken my frickin Yankees hat.

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