Kenneth W 1966 Oldsmobile 422

Lost and Recovered My Angel. My 1966 OLDSMOBILE 442!

I am the proud owner of a 1966 Oldsmobile 442 post coupe. I originally bought the car in Sept of 1967.In 1969 I sold it to the people next door. I went in the Navy. I could not afford the payments.They bought a new Oldsmobile in 1980. They parked the 442 in the backyard. They were using the car for storage for about a year.I came home from work. The car was in my parents had got it back for my birthday. The car was not in in good shape at all. For the next the next 5 years every spare cent and ever spare minute went to the car I stripped the car down to the frame.I ether cleaned or replaced everything on the car. I have been in a lot of shows won a lot of awards .It is a driver. I have driven it from San Francisco to New York and points in between.Well that is the story of Angel. Thank you

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