Mary S

Dream Car that almost got away

on my daily commute to work, I had driven by this house every day, twice a day. for about 5 years. Lo & behold, on my way home one day, there sat this gorgeous little red convertible. I stopped & looked at it, took the info down & took a few pics of it. Spoke to my husband about it & we decided that we were going to call & make an appointment with the owners to go look at it.

Then, much to my chagrin, the car wasn't there. He had it on the lawn for about a week. Then came summer, then labor day, and then some time at the very end of September.....there she was!!! I was ecstatic. We called the owner, went to look at it, but he wouldn't let anyone else drive it, because of the insurance??? My girlfriend & I went to look at it together...she's a local & after all, I'm a damn I figured he might let her drive it. No go. We spoke to our insurance agent & he assured us that we were covered no matter what car we drove. My husband & I went back armed with that info & our insurance agent's card & drove the car. We made a deal. That little red baby was MINE!

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