Rick L 1992 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT 3dr Hatchback

Son and dad trip to get Mustang

My son always dreamt about owning a Fox body Mustang and one day back in 2010 he found one in Toronto Ontario Canada. Living 5 hours away we decided that we would rent a car carrier, hitch it to the truck and drive down early that Saturday morning to go get that Ultra Blue Mustang GT. We left that morning at 4:00 AM so that when we got to Toronto, we were able to go to DOT and plate the Mustang and be able to drive it that weekend. 5 hours later we were standing beside the Mustang and it was everything we had expected, rust free American car from South Carolina. My son and I were like 2 young boys getting their first bicycle. We drove the car onto the car carrier and by 1:00 PM were on our way back to Ottawa. What an unforgettable adventure my son and I had that day, I will never forget that day. We still own the Mustang and it will stay with us for future generation, as long as I live anyways. Hope my grand son of the future (because he's not born yet) will enjoy it as much as we have and takes well care of it and hopefully passes it along to the next generation.

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