Ron H 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder 2dr Coupe

What a car!

I traded my 52 Chevy for this little red 64 Corvair. 4 speed shift on the floor, 6 cyl, 2 carbs. I drove it till it started burning oil so I pulled it in the garage and pulled the engine out. That's when I realized why it was unsafe at any speed....even stopped. The heat for the passenger area was provided by a metal shroud around the exhaust manifold. The engine jugs were aluminum but the manifold was cast steel. Of course the two would never heat and expand at the same rate so the results were exhaust leaks...and those leaks were fanned right into the passenger section. When I reassembled the engine I did away with the vent hoses from the engine to the passenger section so I would never be temped to use the heater. The other thing I did was bore out the jugs and install larger pistons. I bought a second exhaust pipe arrangement and cut the crossover pipe off both and then ran one exhaust pipe for each side of the engine. When I went to get the "glass packs" they did not any that were the correct size....however by purchasing two of them for the 454 Olds and turn them around backwards it was a perfect fit. This was long before everyone had huge dual pipes out the back...and these were Huge. Once they were gutted the sound was awesome.

There was only one bolt holding the entire engine in the rear of the car. I knew several people whose engine dropped out and was dragging on the ground when that bolt sheared off. That did not happen to me but there was only one bolt holding the front wheel. One night I took a date down this dark dirt road and because it was very muddy I decided to get back to the main road before getting bogged down. I cut the wheel very sharply (with the engine in the rear, the front end was very light) and began to spin around...the front wheel picked up a load of mud and jerked the front wheel right off the car. We had to walk a few miles to someone's house to call her parents to come get her (there were no cell phones then). Her parents were not happy about the situation and that was the last time I ever saw her.

The front end was so light and the back end with the heavy 6 cylinder engine that it was common on a wet road for the car to do a fact it was so common that I would engage the clutch, downshift and when it came all the way around drive ahead like nothing had happened. Thank goodness there were never any cars close by when that happened.

I loved that car.....wished I stilled owned it...

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