Dennis J 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder 2dr Convertible

Thank you Uncle Sam!

In the spring or 1964, I wanted a new corvette so bad. But because of my driving record, the insurance cost was going to be more than the car payment. So I opted for the purchase of a yellow convertible with black top 1964 Corvair 500, turbo 150 hp. For some strange reason, I could not hold a clutch disk in this vehicle. Finally dealer installed a larger Green brier clutch and pressure plate. Never lost clutch again! Drove (raced) car all summer and fall. Did my share of winning! Then in November of 1964, received notice (from my friends and neighbors) that I was drafted into the Army. Needless to say, had to put the car up for sale. The next month (December 1964) I was informed the the young lady that purchased the car had just TOTALED IT. I loved the car!!!

Now, 50+ years later, I am the proud owner of 1926 Model T Roadster, 1929 Model A Speedster. and last but not least, 1930 Model A 2 dr Sedan. I don't go very fast anymore, but I still get there. Loving cars of all kinds, forever!!!

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    Ron Hubert Houston, Texas February 18, 2015 at 21:13
    With the engine in the rear and 6 cylinder engine (the Porsche engineer who designed the Corvair had a 4 cyl but Chevy added the two extra and destroyed the weight ratios and everything else about the car) but it would run like a "scalded dog". Off the line you could have beaten that Corvette you wanted....after a quarter of a block all you would see were tail lights....

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