Neal R 1969 Hurst Olds

Following in Big Brothers Footsteps

In 1969 My big brother was 19 and I was 8. I had watched him work on everything from bicycles, go carts, and then cars. I remember sliding around the back seat of his first car, a 1961 348 Impala as he went through the gears. Then for High School graduation he ordered a 1968 440 magnum charger. Of course the first weekend mom and dad were out of town it got a bigger cam installed. For a year he burned up the streets with the charger but was also burning up inside the car... no A/C.

I was at my dad's grocery store when my brother in law stopped by. He told me that my brother was trading in the charger that day for a new car. Something I had never heard of, a Hurst Olds. So I went to the magazine rack and found a complete article on the 1969 Hurst Olds. To my brothers surprise, when he came driving home in his new car, I could tell him all the specs on the Hurst Olds. Engine size, Transmission, options, ETs......

So I got the car bug at a very young age. My brothers interest in cars faded some but mine has kept growing. I have had and built many cars over the years but had not checked off a 69 Hurst Olds on my list. About 7 years ago I was ready for my Hurst Olds. Although a true 69 Hurst Olds would be great, I had decided to go a different way. I have a love for convertibles and in 69 there were 3 convertibles built and only 2 survived. Not an option. So I began looking for a recreation. You can add your personal touches and spend far less than an original car. I also planned on driving this car not a show queen.

I found this 69 Hurst Olds convertible recreation at auction. It was an older build but was in great shape. Living most of its life in Texas had really helped. I pulled the 455 out and resealed the engine and updated the valve seats. Ceramic coated the heads and exhaust manifolds, updated the A/C. Added front Disc brakes and a hidden stereo system. I have owned cars worth twice as much as this Olds but none got the attention and comments of this car at shows and cruise ins.

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