Arch H 1979 Mercedes-Benz 300D 4dr Sedan

My Dad's Car

My parents bought this car in September 1983, from a friend, and it had 56k miles on the odometer. I remember fighting with my sister on who got to ride in the front seat on the way home (we both did)!

Over the years, we rode it in it to visit family out of town, Mercedes Club meetings, and so on. My mom used it as a daily driver for a while, but not too much. It has always been garaged. I drove-it to two High School proms, and a few first dates (can't believe he let me drive it at 17 years old). We also won a Time-Speed-Distance Road Rally sponsored by the Mercedes Club we were in. I was driving on a Learners Permit and we surprised everyone by being within 6 seconds of the correct time. I have great memories of this car - once when it had 99,990 or so miles on it, he called and told me to drive it around until it cleared 100,000. He didn't even go with me!

This car fostered my interest in Mercedes, particularly diesels. I have owned 2 other Mercedes, both diesels and daily drivers. This was always a special car for my dad, he took great care of it and it was always his "Sunday car". When he died in 2008, I took over the care of it, and have self performed all of the maintenance and repairs since then. I think he always wanted me to have it.

Today it has 107k miles and is still running strong. I drive it when I can, only on nice days of course. I don't recall the last time it saw a drop of rain! It is amazing to me how great this car drives considering when it was built. I get a lot of pleasure riding down some back country road, hearing that diesel engine humming along with that Mercedes star hood ornament leading the way!

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