Thomas V 1965 Olds 4-4-2

My Father's Oldsmobile

My father, B. R. Vance purchased this Olds new in April 1965 from the Cadillac/Oldsmobile dealer in Pomery, Ohio. It was a Club Coupe set up at the facory as a "performance" car with a close ratio four speed transmission, manual steering, etc. During his first week of ownership, my father took it back to the dealer and had them install power steering from another new Olds on the show room floor. MY Mother was a small woman and could not manage the manual steering. This was the only change made other than replacement tires and exhaust that occured during his ownership.

I puchased the Olds in February of 1976 and drove it back to Salt Point, New York where I lived at the time. It was used for general transportation and transporting smonowmobiles to Northern New York State during the winter months. The Olds was retired from everyday use about the time of the long gas lines as high test fuel was even more difficult to obtain than regular.

In 1991 I retired and we moved to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. I drove the Olds back from New York to Washington C.H., Ohio. It was a most pleasurable trip with no mechnical prolems. My father-in-law had a farm in Washington CH with suitable dry storage buildings and it was stored along with other antique automobiles that I owned.

It remained in storage until early 2000 when Marvin Hill of Hill's Classic Restoration picked it up and transported it to his facility in Racine, Ohio. The 4-4-2 was then rebuilt to original specifications exactly as it came from the factory as close as is possible today by Skilled Craftsmen. There was little corrosion considering it's history. The restoration was completed on May 29, 2001, just in time for its first AACA Show in Johnstown, PA, where it won its 1st Junior Award. It was next shown at the National AACA meet in Bardstown, Kentucky in 2002 and received its 1st Senior Award. It was then shown at the AACA Eastern National Meet at Hershey, PA the next year.

On February 2, 2002 the Olds was awarded the Ranson E. Olds Memoral Trophy at AACA Annual Awards Banquest held in Philiadephia, PA. The Oldsmobile Division, G.M.C presents this trophy for the highest scoring restoration of an Olds Motor Works or Oldsmobile Division product at a National Meet during the year. On Nov 1&2 it was shown at AACA National Meet in New Bern, North Carolina. August 17, 2003 it was shown at the AACA show in Ceder Rapids IA.

The Olds has not been driven significant distances since restortation was completed and is still nearly a 400 point automobile!


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