Everett P 1968 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W-30 2dr Holiday Coupe

oh how I knew what I know now

I was driving a 1955 T-bird in 1968. It was my first car. After getting a real high paying part-time job for that time, i decided to buy my own first new car. I had wanted to get a Firebird with a 400 HO and 4 speed. My dad insisted that he would not co-sign a loan if that was my choice. He was always a die-hard Olds man except in 1957 when he bought a Fairlane 500. What could I do? I needed a co-signer, so I caved in a bought a 442. I did buy it my way though. No power robbing accessories like power steering, automatic or air conditioning in my ride. Well, it finally arrived, I parked the T-bird and moved the plates to my new ride. What a disaster this new ride was. The very first night I drove it, the engine would not start at 11 PM outside my pat-time job on a seamy waterfront business. Dad came and got her going telling me it was "my fault". The troubles only worsened. A tick noise developed in the motor. The dealer said try some Bardahl, then try some STP, then try some this or that. Tick, tick, tick continued then one night very late it stopped. Alright, I was elated. I opened her up and headed down the highway. 65,75,85,100,110, and then at 120 all heck broke loose. The car blew up. The dealer said they never saw anything like it before. Apparently a connecting rod nut had fallen off, and the tick was the rod opening and closing around the crank. The engine was replaced and away I went. Several months later, the car was stolen from under my bedroom window. It was later found against a public housing building in Boston. The car was mostly stripped but not enough to total. She was put back together and was as good or better then new. Sortly after this I met my soon to be wife. She told her twin I had a junk car. Her sisiter told her that it was a fairly new hot rod model. Then the first gas shortage hit. Luckily the old man owned a gas station and we could fill up justn about whenever needed. Interests in life moved from fast cars to sled dog racing. A truck was needed for this. The Olds was relegated to the driveway where it languished long enough to rust the clutch to the flywheel and rot the dual exhaust. We decided to sell the car. Sold her for a song with new clutch and exhaust. If only we had known, it would still be in our stable with that 1955 T-bird.

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