art p 1965 olds 442

my lifelong friends olds

while home on leave(after 12 months in korea);my best friend since 1st grade knocks on the door and tells me he has just treated hisself to an olds 442.a what i asked;since gto's;409's;406 fords were all you heard or talked about.anyway he took me for the scariest ride of my 58 belair with a 348 seemed like a slug after that ride.anyway;in a couple of weeks(feb 26) dan will celebrate his 70th birthday&he and his olds will be together 50 last thing.about 20 yrs ago he talked about selling it;but his daughter stopped that after i hinted her roots may go with the car.we have had a great friendship for 64 yrs.thanks for the ear. art p.

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