Dan D 1970 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 2dr Holiday Coupe

Vern's 442

You asked for 442 stories with your story about Pauls '65 442. My 1970 belonged to the father of a good friend of mine named Troy. Together, Troy and his father Vern did a ground up restoration on Vern's 1970 442. They are an Oldsmobile family. Troy had already restored his 1970, and Troys brother has a few Cutlass and 442 resorations as well. Vern passed away and Troy ended up with Vern's 1970 in addition to his own 1970, and a few other 442 projects. I've always loved cars and dreamed about having at least one classic car one day. The fire got kindled a little more when my job at Nationwide Insurance involved promoting our classic car insurance product offering in partnership with Hagerty. Troy needed space to continue his passion for restoring his 442s, and as a long term friend he knew that I would provide a good home for Vern's 1970. So, Troy has more room in his garage and I have less! My father died when I was young and I never had the opportunity to do somethng like this with my father. I guess I live the experience a little vicariously through Troy. The car is is a beautiful car and more beautiful when you consider its 455 matched with a four speed. I thank Troy for trusting me to be a good steward of his father's car. Everyone has a Chevelle or GTO -- the Olds is special in my book. Since the purchase of the 442, we've acquired a beautiful '47 International KB2, forcing the daily drivers outside.

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