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Please help me get my car back in my life.

I am a Marine Corp Vietnam Veteran from California and I bought this car and owned this beautiful 1963 for more than 24 years .I was the second owner of it and love having it ,showing it at car shows driving it washing it etc.Then came a day in 2007 PTSD overtook me and I had a breakdown.At the time my Daughter was dating a Lawyers son who I will not mention long story short Mister High and Mighty starts being disrespectfull to my daughter and I called him out. Well he had called his dad ,said I threated to kill him (which I did not and was later proven) anyway next thing I know the police are knocking on my doorslapping cuffs and taking me awayThe Lawyer slaps a restrainging order on me against my house and family and the rest is history. A night maremare occured and I had I had no support from anyone.The court awards him the car.

He takes the car because I couldnt pay him $15,000.oo dollars he said I owe him He takes my car and I am nowI need for help trying to find my car or something that can help me reunite with my Black Beauty. I still have the pink slip and the Keys. Anyone who can help me locate my car please call or email me phone is 909 285 8165 email is davidrussellg@hotmail.com

Please help or give me some direction as I get sick everytime I see a old Corvette go down the road.

Thanks and God Bless

David R Greer USMC Cororal Vietnam Vet !970-1971 total service 4 years .

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    david r greer murrieta ca 92562 July 21, 2015 at 20:25
    Is there anyone who can relate to what has happened to me and help me get my 1963 Vette back? I Need the help of fellow Vette friends please email me or call 909 285 8165
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    David B SF Bay Area, CA December 1, 2015 at 18:27
    Generally there is free legal assistance in most County & Cities u could check with if u haven't tried that route? Hope that helps? Future fortune be yours.

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