Brent Q 1966,67 442

My two brothers

Wish I had a pic but sometimes your childhood drags on then it speeds up so stepfather bought my brother a new 1966 442 when I was 11 yrs old,, then a year later ,,my stepfather bought my stepbrother a 1967 442,, as a younger brother ,I was in awe of these two cars and my brothers....we all had harsh consequences for abusing the rules for taking care of your car or anything else we had.. Well my brother with the 1966 442, came home one day and was in the garage detailing it out..he had dropped a ticket stub on the garage floor,,, my stepdad walked by and bent down to pick it up and noticed it was a stub of entry in a local drag race,,,,,well it hit the fan ,,,and my stepdad sold the car in two weeks....that put the fear in my stepbrother and he still has that 1967 442 , I think it's got 32000 on it by now and in some garage,,,,,,when I got to be 17 I got a1970 transam, took care of it of course but sold it when gas was going to1$ per gallon ......a least one of us came out with something other than a memory

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