Mario P 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sport Coupe

My Wife's Classic Car

It was 1964 and my wife had graduated from high school and needed to buy a car to get her back and forth from nursing school In San Francisco. Her cousin was selling his1957, silver and white, 2 door, Chevy Bel Air, hardtop, for about $800.00, just the car she wanted to buy. She had the money saved up, so what was the problem? Her parents said to her "save your money, you can use the family car". Disappointed, she relented and ended up using her parents turquoise and white, 4 door Bel Air until she finished school. For about 50 years, I've heard about how she really, really wanted that car and was sorry she didn't buy her cousin's car.

It was on one of those occasions, that she was fantasizing and spotted a beautiful 1957,Sierra Gold and Adobe Beige Bel Air on the internet. It was an original Oakland California made car. It spend it's early years in Oakland, California and in 1984 sold by it's elderly owner to someone in Pennsylvania. 3 owners and 31 years later, we bought the 57 and had it shipped back to Northern California, 28 miles from where it began it's life. I was able to speak to all of it's Pennsylvania owners and the person that did the body off restoration in 1989. They all kept me on the phone forever talking about how wonderful the car was when they owned it. It has been a trailer queen for the better part of 25 years, so the overall condition is great. It is actually in better condition that when it rolled off the assembly line in 1957. It is all stock, 283, power pack and original engine, tranny and major component parts from the original manufacture.

I always say, it's her car, but I take care of it. We are having a great time showing it locally and adding to the 3- AACA awards it came with.

Tri Fives Forever

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