Ed B 1968 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 2dr Convertible

Love em'

Back in the early 80's, she first drove by... driven by a young high school cheer leader headed to her first class that morning in high school. A 442 Convertible driven by a high school girl... I couldn't believe it and had to follow and see if I could purchase this fine looking car. I was informed that she was in no way for sale but I left my card and asked for it to be placed in the glove box. Call me if ever... ever you decide to sell.

Now I've left a big bunch of notes and cards with drivers, on windshields and on the front seats of many cars that I thought I wanted so badly, and so I really never gave this one that much of a chance... until some three years later when college time came calling and this nice young lady gave my business card to her father, and he called me.

YES! I would be interested... and so it came to be.

At fifteen years old and having seen three years of high school travel and partying, it was time for me to slowly go through her and put things right. Engine and transmission were sent out for complete rebuild to "Ewings Engines" who were masters at Oldsmobile engines and raced them very successfully in the Pacific Northwest. That was year one of my owning and loving this 442 Convertible. Years two and three were spent getting body and molding parts and pieces put correct, straightened, replaced and everything working properly.

The next couple of years were spent having the dash instruments sent out for rebuilding, along with adding an in-dash tachometer as the old one was ka-putz. Floor boards were fixed and new carpets installed.

This 442 was coming together real well and I'd soon be spraying her "Sky Blue", and re-doing the white seats and a white top. It had taken me a few years but working slowly it was coming together just as I'd pictured and dreamt of for so long. She would be driven and used in the dryer summer months only - But she would be a driver. I'm old school and believe that cars should be well taken care of, but 'Driven'.

Now as we close in on thirty years together, it's been great. Nice riding, plenty of power and the best looking car I've ever owned. Together we've driven to a dozen states, entered into a couple dozen car shows and even taken home a dozen trophies. Although I've owned many cars, this one has been a relationship that I've enjoyed to the max! Love those 442 Convertibles!

Ed Burris

Seattle, WA.

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