Logan C 1973 Dodge Colt 2dr Coupe

Canadavan and the Albertan

In the years after my 1974 racing accident, I thought my racing days were over, and I was happy with my 1976 Custom Dodge van which I called "Canadavan". When I left Toronto to return to British Columbia, I was stopped by my physician (Who was also a Car nut.) and he wanted to know if I wanted to race again. I at LEAST had my doubts, but I wanted to see if I still had what it takes, so I took him up on it. When that day came he met me at my friend's condo with a late-model Plymouth Trail Duster towing a covered small coupe. He said that because of his limited free days, and the workload at the Hospital left him no time to race as he thought. He was selling his '73 Colt racer, and he asked if I would like first dibs on it. Naturally I was skeptical, but when I took the tarp off, I was floored! This was NO ORDINARY Colt, this was a 50/50 racer/Daily driver with all the trimmings, even a SCCA/CASC pro solo sticker. It was done up in Canada's racing colours of Guards Red and White with a Pink Maple leaf with a Lambda in the centre. This car was Stoked! It even had a name, THE ALBERTAN. I was in Mopar rapture, this was a car that begged to be raced, and I felt that I should give it a try... So words were said, money changed hands and the Colt was hitched up to Canadavan, and I headed west. When I arrived in Edmonton, I checked out the local racing rags, and found out that there was a gymkhana in the suburbs, and I ponied up my $50CDN to enter and see what this speedbug could do. At first I took it slowly to get accustomed to the track layout, then I started to get the feel of the Colt. and then I went to town, running up against a De Tomaso, some 'Vettes, a late model Ferrari California Spyder, and a Mustang. Needless to say, I captured Third place behind a Camaro, a 'Cuda, and an Alfa Romeo (which took fourth after a "nail-and-tong" battle) The little Japanese beast even outdid a 240 Z! I knew that I could return to racing if I wanted to, but at the time, my thoughts were for the Art world, so I covered the Colt up, put 'er on the trailer, and off I went, ---Third place plaque in hand, back to Powell River, BC. I still entered my Colt in some regional races in BC and Oregon, and a charity road race in Nevada. But I decided on the advice of my late uncle to hang my racing helmet and concentrate on my newspaper job... So the Albertan was stowed in his barn with his other Canadian and other cars(which I've now inherited!) and still reminisced about my psuedo-racing days in Western Canada and the States. Since coming out, I've decided to return to Racing, and enter my Colt in a few races on BOTH coasts, and show him in a few shows, But I'm not sellin' The Albertan. Not for all the tea in China!

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