Victor V 1965 MG MGB Mk I 2dr Convertible

44 Years Later

I bought this 1965 MK1 MGB 5-main bearing “pull-handle” hardtop on August 17, 1970 from Fletcher’s Chevrolet in Encino, California.

From that day, through 1974 I raced it across Mulholland Drive nearly every night from about 9pm to 12. This car taught me high performance driving and the art of racing in the rain.

Subsequently I went on to race different cars in various Showroom Stock class’s of the Sports Car Club of America, including winning 2 National Championships.

In 1989 I took this car completely apart and reassembled it using all of it’s original parts as it had never been crashed, rusted or even worn out. It took me until 2005 to drive it once again.

I hope you like my car as much as I do.

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