Jennifer C

We were meant to be.

The MGA is a car I have loved for awhile. The years of rounded fenders and sexy curves in any of the European cars were alluring, but I especially loved the simple but beautiful lines of the MGA. My husband and I agreed and had just recently been discussing how perfect the MGA would be for me, when an opportunity arose.

Fortunately for us, the Devereaux car show, one of the largest in Florida, had been held across the street from our condo in Sarasota. Bill, my husband was taking his lovely 55 T-bird over to show, while I was helping my Mother after her hip surgery and couldn't get away. As Bill was backing the T-bird into his spot, looking over his shoulder, he spotted a friend standing next to a sweet little white MGA. Our friend brought the 1962 MGA 1600 MKII to sell for an older gentleman who sadly couldn't get in and out of the car any longer. We were told he had driven his grand daughters around Siesta Key, standing up holding on to the roll bar he had added. Many wonderful memories but time to let go.

The car was beautiful, not showroom perfect, but in great shape and completely drivable. A little tune up and she'd be ready to go. Needless to say, Bill called me immediately and said I had to get there right away before it sold. Well, I did and we couldn't pass up the car.

Here is why it was meant to be. I was born on July 16, 1962. The car was born in 1962, is a 1600, and was made sometime between June and July in that last year of production of the MGA. We are soul sisters!

We were told initially that the car was nearly original, but were unable to verify it as we didn't meet the original owner. At a later Devereaux show, a few MGA enthusiasts said that my car was far from original with a padded dash, black piping, cut out of the body behind the seats, and a few other details. It was finally recommended to me by a fellow MGA owner at the Van's car show in Leland, Michigan to buy the definitive book on MGAs(by Anders Clausager). I checked my numbers and found that my car at the end of the run in 1962, received parts both original to the 1962 and carry over from other models. I like the idea of its uniqueness.

I enjoyed driving her winters in Sarasota for a few years, but now she lives full time in Leelanau county, hugging the curves and corners and breathing the crisp, fresh northern Michigan air. Don't know who has a bigger smile when we're driving, the MGA or me.

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