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Limited Edition Cobra Killer: 1980 MGB LE V8

I fell in love with the MG make in 1980 during my second year of dental school. One of my clinical instructors noticed I was reading Hemmings Motor News while waiting for my patient to arrive. Dr. K. asked me what I was looking for and I told him just anything interesting. He asked if I would be interested in his 1968 MGB GT. He told me he was the original owner but it hasn't been started in about 5 years. After the clinic closed I followed him home to see my first real barn find.

In his garage was a very dusty but intact original 1968 MGB GT with wire wheels and leather interior. It was easy to diagnose what was wrong, all my tools worked and the parts were available and cheap. That is when my MG addiction / sickness started. Since that first MG I've owned at least a dozen, always selling them six months to a year later to buy a true american muscle car.

About 4 years ago I started looking into creating a V8 version and hopefully satisfy my craving for power. My favorite MGB was the 1980 MGB LE Edition so the search was on. The dream became a reality in 2012 and my 1980 MGB V8 was built using an Oldsmobile 215 coupled to a T5 transmission and A/C. The thought of an English car without an oil weep is something every MGB owner can only pray for. For about a year my illness was in remission. Suddenly in late 2012 I was stuck again and over the last couple of years bought a supercharged MGB, two V6 and two V8 conversions.

If only British Leyland had shipped over a stock V8 I never would have gotten this sick.

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