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Enjoying a MGB

I was lucky enough to be offered a 1977 MGB from a neighbor in 1985. The car was a bit dirty; but, most importantly, it had no rust on the body. I painted the car at the Vandenberg AFB, CA, Auto Hobby Shop, and drove the car, daily, until a $4000 deer hit in 2012. The car required a new right front fender, from the deer hit, and I changed both door skins, because they showed rust on the inside bottom edge, when the door panels were removed.

The body contour down the sides of the car's sides with the new door skins and the new front fender left a minor difference in the body contour down the sides of the car. I skim coated in-front-of and behind the gaps between the doors and the front fenders and back fenders. I then used a long board pneumatic sander to make the body contour down the sides of the car "perfectly smooth". The end result has left a body that is as smooth and straight as my 1999 E-Class Mercedes Wagon, that we have had since 2001.

Today, the MGB has been completely repainted with modern urethane and clear coat.

Next, the driveline will be removed and replaced with modern parts. The engine will be a 1995 Chevrolet 160 hp V6, with electronic fuel injection. The transmission will be a T5, with 5th gear being an overdrive.

The car is being prepared for my grandsons.

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