RONALD N 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS 2dr Sport Coupe


Several years ago a fellow ran into my truck in traffic while my son was using it. He wanted to pay cash instead of putting it through insurance(minor damage). When he came over to pay he saw a 1967 Chevy truck I had modified and we began to talk cars. It turns out he has a 1962 Impala SS that a shop had started to restore and modify. The shop closed and the car sat for several years outside behind an industrial building. He invited me to see the car--what a mess! A tree had fallen on the trunk, water was inside the cab and trunk, miscellaneous parts stuffed inside the car! Having had a couple of 1962 Impala Super sports in another life, I fell in love with it! It had a 454 engine in it with a T-400 transmission. I purchased it for $4250 and hauled it home on my car trailer, much to my wife's dismay! I'm in my third year of restoration and the car is almost done(Spring 2015 completion date--I hope).

It turns out the engine was a new crate engine, the rear end is a 9" Ford narrowed and the rear body tubbed out to fit the 18" X 31" pro street tires. As with most restorations, the more I did, the more there was to do! I've purchased many, many new parts for the car--still reasonable to restore as I do my own body, paint, and mechanical repairs. When I finish the car and go cruising with it, it will be with pride that I can say I did it, all of it!

And I've saved another classic from the junk yard! I sometimes tell people that I consider myself the "patron saint of old rusted Chevys". That's my story and I'm sticking to it!Ron.

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