Ken K 1964 Pontiac Catalina 2dr Sport Coupe

Home After 50 Years

In June of 1964 I ordered a brand new Pontiac, I was nineteen. The car was a Catalinia Ventura with 389 3x2, 4sp t10,Posi 3.42,reverb,Ventura Interior,Red on Red. I received car in August. I had the car about 2 Years untill Uncle Sam wanted me. I sold the car back to the dealer and said I would buy another when I got out of the Service. When I got out of the Navy I purchased a 1968 Firebird. I always missed my 1964, found it once, but my ex didn't want me to buy it back. For years I was wondering where the car was. In 2009 I bought a 1964 Pontiac Ventura with auto and 4 bl. I put a 4sp,3x2' and posi in it, trying to duplicate my old one. In 2014 I was on E Bay when I found a Car just like my original one, It was in Florida and I live in Ca where the was bought. I called and discovered it was my original car! He had paper work from PHS and window sticker Where I bought it, won't tell the price. After 50 years I have my baby back. Car was in great shape, it had one repaint, all original running gear. I done a littlle too it, but not much. Hope you enjoyed my story.

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