John P

1964 Impala SS, Azure Aqua

I bought this car used. It was 3 years old. It was in perfect shape. Looked and ran like new. I had the car only 6 months and I bought a 1968 Camero 396, RS, SS. It was a nice car but I sure missed my SS.

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    David Baker SF Bay Area, N. Calif. December 1, 2015 at 16:40
    I had for my 1st daily driver car the exact same car. It was a love had relationship though. Mine was twice as old & worn out at 100k mi. It was a comfortable cool car though. I would wind out the 1sr gear to about 60 before shifting the 2 spd PowerGlide. That didn't help it's 327 any, so I rebuilt it. It was nice for a couple years for me. Got a '69 Camaro 350 2bbl (Switched to Rochester 4bbl) 4 spd Base Cpe shortly thereafter, nearly like u did. Memories huh? Happy Trails.

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