Frank N 1970 Pontiac GTO

Thanks For Serving

Thank you Hagerty Insurance for the opportunity to tell my story. Here it is straight from the heart. When I was a young guy I had my eye on a different make and model car. One day my DaD had a little talk with me and much to my disappointment at that time said, "What you really want is a GTO." And then he took me to test drive one.....

Well DaD was right, after a short drive I was sold, and so was The GTO. In 1985 after many miles and years of driving pleasure which also helped define me as a young person I put my GTO into storage. I have kept it as my most prized material possession for all these years..

Today I have a young son who serves in The United States Marine Corps. I have started an on frame restore of this GTO as time and finances permit with the promise to sign The GTO over to him when he returns home. Thanks for serving Michael.

Thanks to all who serve. (And thanks DaD)

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