Danny F

The long haul.

Back when I was a teen I had a 1968 GTO my dream car but I was a street racer then and at the track Mopar was King then yea gm and ford sold more but I wanted to when.I went in the Dodge dealer and ordered what would have been a 72 Challenger 440 six pac 4 speed with all the go fast stuff well the order came back you could only get a 340 that year so the only street car ever beat the GTO was 340 Duster so one night I was at the dealer and saw this Demon 340 come of the hauler with the six pac hood and it was love at first site.I knew the Demon was alot liter then the Challenger so I with with it.Turns out it was very fast 440 ,454,and fords were easy to bet on the street not that it had more power but a good driver helped and it went it didnt stay there burning tires like a lot of the big block SS 396 cars it blew away even a Hemi Cuda couldn't beat it in the 1/4. but I was so upset at not buying the Challenger I still wish for one tell this day but then I knew the Muscle cars days were over so said to myself I would kept it tell I got to old to mess with or they made a muscle car again now that they do They cost to much and all this gigits on the things that no one needs.I dated in this car and used it evey day tell I got where I got a driver the started to soup it up and race at the track now that we are in 2015 no one know what it is some think its a Road Runner that's funny I raced a SRT8 2012 Challenger he got beat said I was doing 140 when I told he to see has fast it was going as I only have 120 on mine and it was not on the floor .On 2-14-15 I will have this cat 43 years it made it threw the divoce toI would sell it if I can get a good price sow are still together after all the years.I can go on and tell so much more but there not enough room fo that.

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