Paul A 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 2dr Convertible

Over the years, Corvettes have eluded me !

The vehicle I have always wanted and never owned is a Corvette and unfortunately to this day I still have never owned one ! Here is my story.

I’ve wanted a Corvette ever since I was 14 (a long time ago). After getting out of the US Navy in early 65, I came across a used 64 white Corvette convertible, white top, red and silver interior, Fuel Injected 327, 340hp, 4 speed at a dealership in upstate NY. I went back the 2nd day to buy the car but it was gone; sold right from under me [you snooze, you lose !]! I was so devastated I went back to my home town and ordered the 2nd car I had wanted (a little cheaper than a new Corvette) and that was a fire engine red 65 Pontiac GTO convertible, 389, tri-power, 4 speed, 3.90 gear car ! Only had this car 5 months. Three speeding tickets in 4 ½ months will change your mind on a lot of driving things ! I had to get rid of this ‘cop magnet. Traded the GTO in for a ‘more sedate’ [?] marina blue 66 SS 396 Chevelle 2 door hardtop, 4 speed, 325hp, 3.73 12 bolt posi rear. The following year [67], I ordered another GTO convertible, 400ci, 360hp, 4 speed, 3.90 gear posi rear car. Took this car on our honeymoon to Cape Cod. In the meantime I was also building a 55 Chevy 2 door post car. The last motor was a 331ci, 450+hp, 4 speed and a 4.11 posi rear. Great street car ! I traded in the 67 GTO ragtop for a 71 Chevelle Malibu 400 convertible which I still own to this day (insured through Hagerty). 402ci, 4 speed, 3.31 12 bolt posi rear with just 29K miles on it. No winters and rain only a few times cause I got caught in it ! Sold the 55 outright back in ‘70 - big mistake !

Through the years I have had a lot of cars that I have bought and modified. Another one of my favorites was a 64 Chevelle 2 door hardtop [purchased after I sold my 55], originally a 6 cylinder, 3 speed on the column. Dropped in a complete 42K mile 68 - Z28 motor, 302ci, Pontiac 4 speed and a 66 Pontiac GTO posi rear end with 3.90 gears. Car was a real sleeper ‘back in the day’; it was so light ! Sold this car too - another big mistake ! Actually, getting rid of my GTO’s were also mistakes [live and learn] . Also had a 2 El Camino’s that I couldn’t leave alone either. Changed motors, transmissions and rear ends in those vehicles too. But alas, sold them as well. My son and I bought his 72 Chevelle 2 door hardtop back in ‘89 and it has gone through a couple iterations over the years. It is presently a ‘work in process’ pro street car, tubbed, caged, coil over ladder bar suspension, 4.11 Dana rear, 468 BB, turbo 400 trans, 3200 stall converter. It will be painted Bahama blue with a pearl white top very soon. We hope to get this car back on the road this coming year (Hagerty, you will shortly be contacted to insure this car too !). By the way, my son’s first ride home from the hospital when he was born was in the back seat of the 71 Chevelle convert. He is part owner of this car today !

Today, I want a ZO6 Corvette very badly but I can’t get it past the wife (of over 47 years). I’m in my early 70’s now and have never lost my love for automotive performance. Even the ‘13 Chevy Silverado ext. cab 4X4 I drive every day is no slouch. Loaded Z85, 6.2L, about 450 hp which includes about 50hp of power additives, 6 speed auto, 3.73 posi rear. It is fun to drive !

Maybe some day I will fulfill my desire to own a new Corvette but as time goes by it becomes more doubtful ! But we keep hoping and trying to convince ‘the Z lady’ [wife] !

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