clark k 1968 Chevrolet Impala 2dr Sport Coupe

metal warranty plate, 1969

I bought a repossesed 1968 Impala 2 door coupe in December 1968 from Valley Bank(if I remember correctly), in Pheonix,AZ. It was sold new by Sands Chevrolet in Glendale, AZ. My dad was looking for a car so he had it until passing away in 1973. I bought it from my mother, left it at her house in Arizona until 1988 when she had a health problem that required her to be moved near family. The car came to Wiscosnin at that time.

The car was used for summer school in Arizona by a sister and hit a gas pump protector, my niece "borrowed" it once and had the gas pump protector dent on the opposite side. Another sister drove it and someone slid under the rear valance(metal) below bumper. A lot of history and it is still fun to take shows, coffee at McDonald's mornings, always good for a few thumbs up. A sentimental favorite, a solid 3 with new factory interior, repaint and engine and transmission rebuild along the way. Looks nice and have pictures if desired.

My 2nd vehicle, a 1981 GMC is a special one like the truck in this email article you sent. A real work truck for years helping haul building materials up the highway to Incline Village, Nevada where a new home was being built overlooking Lake Tahoe. Truck still has the original engine(needs lead additive) including exhaust, new paint and interior. Was ordered as a farm truck most likely and I bought in new left over from July 1981 in March of 1982 and took it west. A picture is on the April 2015 page of the Gandrud car show calender, Green Bay, Wiscosnin, taken August 2014.

My 3rd car is a 1975 Toronado, no rust California car bought new by my sister with me on title(11-11-74). She was divorced at the time and I was put on the title with her. A solid no rust car, 107,000 miles, that has sentimental value. Shipping cost is going to keep it from going to her granddaughter in Austin, Texas. Would be nice to keep a family member on it after this long in the original family.

All are #3 vehicles and not high dollar value but have been fun to take to shows weekly in the summer.

Clark K

Hagerty member for some time.

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