Bruce B 1949 Studebaker pick-up

My first vehicle

I grew up on a farm in Montana. For whatever reason every vehicle that had a gas engine on the farm was a Studebaker. That is to say except for the lawn mower and tractors and that is because Studebaker did not have either available. Dad would wear one of the trucks or pick-ups out and he would go get a replacement but always a Studebaker. Like most farm kids,I began driving at an early age to help out. My first experience was at age 8. My dad put wooden blocks on the pedals so I could reach them and sat on a small wooden box so I could see where I was going. The vehicle I drove was a 1949 Studebaker half ton pick-up which my dad purchased new the year after I was born. I would idle the truck down the field pulling a wagon while my dad would load it by hand with bales of hay. When the trailer was loaded my dad would slip into the passenger seat and help me shift gears to get the load to the farmhouse. I always had a soft spot in my heart for that old truck. Once I became old enough to drive ,this is the vehicle I was allowed to take to town. I loved that old truck. After leaving the farm and starting my own family I eventually got to the point of building old cars as a hobby. Recently I got a chance to buy a1949 Champ pick-up just like the one I learned to drive on. I decided to turn it into a street-rod, while keeping it all Studebaker. It sports a pearl white paint job with old school flames. It is powered by a souped up Studebaker 289 v-8 with a five speed tranny. It has won over a dozen trophies at various shows. Recently at dinner my 15 year-old grandson said "so grandpa what are you gonna do with the Studebaker when your dead". Assuring him I had no intent on doing that soon ,I asked him "why". He informed me he had on occasion helped me tinker on it, and had accompanied me to car shows so there for it should go to him. It seems the "Studebaker bug" has caught on another generation. The Studebaker bug has now become what the family calls "Studebaker Pox or Studepox. As now next to the 49 pick-up is a 1958 Studebaker/Packard hawk, and a 1941 Studebaker Champion 2 door coupe. After all each of the grandkids needs to be afflicted.

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