Gary K 1970 Chevrolet Nova 2dr Coupe

my first nice car

I have owned a lot of chevy's since I got my license in 1969 mostly 50 to300

dollar beaters.Then in 1974 a friend was selling his 1970 Nova to buy a 69 Shelby

KR500 convertible. So I bought the Nova for 600 dollars. It was just a stock car

350,2bl ,3 speed on the floor,ps,pdisk brakes,tinted windows,A/C,rear window deforester,cloth bench seat,and more. The car had around 60,000 miles on it when I bought it. I drove the car everywhere to Datona Beach for spring break in75 76 and77. Then took a month long trip to California.In the first three years I added a lot to the car a set of Hooker Headers crome sidepipes ,a fiberglass LT-1 hood ,added GTO hood tack,a set of Pontiac dark green bucket seats and console,a set of 14x8 Western rims,and other stuff . I left engine stock while I was driving around the country(it was getting around 25 mpg on the highway)I took the car to US 30 and Oswego with my friends and it would run low 14 s that was not bad for the 2bl and 3.08 open rearend .Once I got back I decided to put a blower on the car.Living just outside of Chicago I went to Dyers blower to see what they had . Gary Dyer had just come out with a V 671 that fit my budget. The brother of the friend I bought the Nova off of had a rusted out 1969 Camaro SS he was looking to sell so I bought it for 400 dollars. I took the 350,4 speed ,and 12 bolt posi out and used them in the Nova. I put the Nova drivetrain in the Camaro and drove while I worked on the Nova. I had the 350 bored 30 over.fitted with 8 to 1 pistons.redid the heads,Comp blower cam,plus a lot of other goodys.The rearend was fitted with 4.11 gears,strange axles ,and a moroso posi. While I had the engine out I had the car painted Antique green (was Forest green).Besides a few tires (mostly rear) the car has stayed the same for the past 40 years.

While working on the Nova I needed something nicer to use to go bar hopping.So in May of 1977 I picked up a 1971 Monte Carlo SS for 2300 dollars.It had 12,000 miles,p/w ,p/locks ,auto seatbacks,p/s,p/b,p/trunk,tilt wheel,dual sport mirrors,light pk,gauges,bucket seats,rearwindow deforester,454 /365 hp 400 turbo ,and3.31 posi.The Monte Carlo was Antique Green(that is why I had the Nova painted that color so they match).dark green vinyl top and black intetior.In 1978 I took the Monte Carlo on another month long trip to California.While on the way back I had stopped in Las Vegas and someone hit and put a small dent in the passenger door.When I got back I went to see a good friend about fixing the dent. He suggested I paint the whole car so he did.I would put the Nova and Monte away in the winter months and buy a cheap beater.In the mid 80's I joined Chuck Green's NMCA and raced the Monte in the original muscle class and the Nova in the new pro-street class.After some tuning and Micky drag radials I got the Monte into the low 14's.I did run a couple of times in the 1370 when I was not sleeping at the tree.Now I just lik to take them to the local cruise nights and shows.

In1983 I bought a 1969 Corvette coup ,350/350hp,4 speed,A/C,Leman's blue for 5000 dollars.My wife and I drove the vett often until are first daughter was born in 85.I had put the car away for the winter of 86 when I went to get it out the brake fluid had leaked out of all four calibers.We were in the process of building a new house (with a40-44 garage for all three cars)so the vett got parked for the next 23 years.In 2008 my then 16 year old and I pulled the matching number motor that was refitted with 11.5 to 1 pistons.a GM 30/30 solid lifter cam,LT-1 manifold and 600 Holley.The vett was painted sometime in the late 70's it had some airbrush work done on the sides,hood ,and rear deck that made it looked alittel different.Then this past summer I was getting gas and a 4 wheel drive pick up pulled out and clipped the front.So now I am having the friend who painted the Monte Carlo back 78 painted the vett in the restoration shop he has run for the past 37 years.

Gary Karn

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    Darren calgary ab canada May 17, 2015 at 15:23
    I have seen the pictures of your monte carlo Gary and the car looks great. I have questions about it could you email me I have a 1970 402 4spd monte.

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