tom s 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 2dr Hardtop Coupe

My New School Old School Dream fulfilled

I dont come from a car family, but as i reached adulthood i realized i had the itch.. It became quickly apparent that im a chevy guy through and through. through out my early 20s i had owned (and still own the car i baught at 18, 34 now) several diffferent sports cars and uniquie cars but as all car people know there are a few cars that will always hold that special place in your heart.. well for me it was always an A-body GM. I really wanted a chevelle but would happily settle for anything. After searching for a year plus i was getting anxious and close to settling for something more in my price range, when my dream car fell in my lap, i baught it right on the spot. It definately needed some TLC to get it running/driving nice, but that was done in no time haveing acquired it. I knew i had picked the right car when it ended up being featured in a nationwide Gas station add campaign. 8 years later it was time for me to make the second part of my dream car come true..the power plant, for me it wasnt a big block or big horsepower, for me it was new school technology.. so last year i decided to make my dream come true... I searched and searched and found my power plant a 5.7L ls1 mated to a 4l60E.. 2.5 months, alot of broken knuckles, and a girlfriend who missed me i emerged from the garage with my finally completed dream car. And i Insure my Dream with Hagerty!

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