Larry D

Life Time Car

Having grownup with three brothers in 60's, cars were a big part of all our lives. We had a variety of Corvettes, Camaros and Chevelles during those days. But unfortunately I saw all those cars sold for the variety of reasons, mine was the military draft. In 1972 I was freshly out of the military, but found times have changed automotive emissions were the talk of the town. So I hit the newspaper classifies and got the word out. After what I thought was a lengthly search. I got a call from a buddy who saw a 63 Splitwindow Corvette in a garage in our neighborhood. Being anxious I quickly approached the owner. Upon reviewing the car I found it was not stock but hot rodded out just right. Its now 42 years later and the car has given me alot of memories. Early on as a daily driver, Woodward cruiser, weekend warrior and today in my retirement it continues my passion..........I want to thank my wife who saw over our 38 years of marriage the passion I had for my car and for not asking me to sell the car for one of those variety of reasons................


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