Matthew K 1982 Delorean DMC-12 2dr Coupe

Dreams come and go.

It was 1982, my last year at Immaculata High School in Somerville NJ. I was on my way home after school driving my first used car a 1972 AMC Ambassador (boy I wish I had it now) As I was driving home, I passed by a Bridgewater Volvo dealer on RT22. What the heck was that? This sleek silver Machine sitting out front of the Dealership. I had to stop. As I got out of my car I noticed how shiney the car was, the sun gleaming from it, that looks like bare metal! As I approached I was just stunned by how this thing looked! Is this a real Car!?

Now you have to imagine what we were driving at the time in 1982, wow, yeah not to pretty. Ford Pintos Chevy Citations, Behemoth buicks and fords from the early and late 70s. Mustang II's . The only good looking cars were really the Corvette and Firebird/Camaros. This was not a good time for Automobilia in the USA. So I laid my eyes on a Delorean for the first time and I was hooked. The image of that sparkling sleek car burned into my brain, It was so low to the ground, Suddenly a salesman was on me. He didn't seem detered by my obvious age. How do you like it? I LOVE IT! Then he opened the door! Up into the air it went! OMG! It had Gullwing doors. Exotic, sexy, of course. A stainless steel body for longevity and ease of maintenance. John Delorean was right the Cars have really held up.

I told my Buddy Gerard about the car the next day, He said oh yeah, I want to show you something. He brought me to the Delorean distribution center off of RT. 202 or 206 in Bridgewater NJ. There sat hundreds of Deloreans waiting to be Delivered. What a sight! I promised my self that one day I would own a Delorean. So I began saving a little at a time........

In 1985 the Delorean would become famous, and maybe saved by the fact that it would become one of moviedoms most beloved automobile icons. When "Back to the Future" came out, I didn't even care about the movie, I just wanted to see the car! When I saw it in commercials I had to go. Well it turns out that it was a great movie which I probably saw 10 times, and it helped solidify the Delorean in history.

1995. My interest in the Delorean had not waned, but saving for the car had slowed or stopped completly at times. I was married now for six years. The Internet was still not a big deal (I got my first computer in 1997, I still have it.) I always looked at ads in Hemmings motor news, the book, not online, I don't think Hemmings was online in 1995 anyway. I saw an ad in the books and Manuals section for an Owners manual for a 1982 Delorean, for $25.00. I said to my self some day I will have that car, Someday...... It probably won't have a manual so I'll get it now because I'm going to get that car. The price at the time seemed like a lot. But come to find out years later I had seen them go for $500.00 on ebay. And mine was the nicest I had ever seen. I just stored it as soon as I got it.

2005. For some reason it was time. All seemed right. We had our home, we lived in Pennsylvania now, we still had each other, the money was there. I told my wife and began looking in Hemmings and online. I saw a car at Mercedes of Columbus Ohio and made the trek out there with my wife. I resolved myself to the fact that maybe it won't be perfect but we'll fix what ever might come along. When I first saw it I knew that this was it. It was a 1982, the same year as the owners Manual that I bought ten years earlier. It Had the wide black strip down the side that I really liked. It was an automatic with the grey leather interior CLASSY! My knowledge of the Delorean was helpful after all those years. The car ran rough and had some updating that it needed but I was able to cut the price down nicely when I explained all that was needed on the car. Then a funny thing happened when I went to test drive it. After all those years of looking and studying and reading....I never realized the Delorean had Manual steering! It was funny! You just never hear about it. But it was of no consequence I've driven cars with manual steering and this is definetly a better one. 23 years. It took me 23 years to get my car.

The End. I had promised my self I would never, ever, sell my Delorean. not after so long in trying to attain it. I had no desire too. Sometimes I would just go out to the Garage and peek at the car from the doorway and say to myself I can't believe I have it. It was gorgeous. What a blast it was to drive, and boy did it garner attention. I had someone follow me down the highway with his camera filming me all the way. My car never left me stranded all though I fully expected it would sometime, you know these things happen. But it never did, for five years it was an unadulterated joy to drive. I would go to car shows and just for long drives, sometimes to my parents or brothers house in New Jersey. The Delorean is a poor mans, no, an everymans Exotic. The body is exotic but the mechanicals underneath, where it counts are simple. The engine is the PRV V-6.

These engine see duty in Puegots, Renaults and Volvos, so there are hundreds of thousands of parts available with a rubost support network, heck not even clubs but actual dealerships, 4 of them throughout the country and one overseas. Well everyone knows what happened to the economy in 2007-2008. In 2009 I was laid off. I tried to hang on as long as I could but I had to sell my beloved car. For five years that car had given me so much joy. It was a sad day, but we keep things in perspective. I have my health and my family. Maybe some day I'll see that Stainless steel dream in my garage again.

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