Ralph N 1973 Plymouth Cuda 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Recapturing "Memories"

Back in May 1973, I bought my dream car, a 1973 340 Cuda. The car was pampered for two and a half years. I married in August 1975 and my wife and I decided we needed a more practical car. Reluctant as I was, the car was traded-in in Dec. 1975. That car stayed in my mind for years to come.

While I had tried for several years to locate the car, I was never successful. In June 2010, I was reading about someone who had found their car online. I thought, let me try one more time. Like I said in the intro, this was my dream car. When I bought the car I memorized the VIN number. I picked-up my laptop and googled the VIN. The car came up for sale in Albany, NY. I trip was taken to confirm the car and its numbers. It was the car. A deal was made and I now have the car again. It took me 14 months just to get the car drivable. It had gone through an electrical fire and most of the underdash was toast. I am hoping that some day I will be able to totally restore the car back to its original color, Autumn Bronze Metallic.

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