Dan R 1971 Ford Mustang Grande 2dr Coupe

The Classic! (Finally)

My ex-wife bought this car for me in 1974 while living in Connecticut before we were married. We then married and years later divorced. I kept the car, which I called "The Classic", while it was slowly deteriorating due to the California, then Arizona, sun. Through the '80's and '90's, when friends would make comments about the "junk heap", I cautioned them about speaking that way about my "Classic." While living in Arizona until 2000, I was never able to get the "CLASSIC" license plate, as it was already taken, or too many letters, I can't remember which. Even before I brought the car to Arkansas, I searched the license plate web page and saw that "CLASSIC" was available, so I got the plate, then eventually brought the car here. I had it licensed and insured through Hagerty while the car was still in South Carolina, where it sat from 2004 until 2011. Once it arrived, I hired Ozark Mountain Restoration to do a complete restoration. The vehicle truly is a CLASSIC now, and except for a paint job worth ten times the original value of the car, it looks like it just came off the show room floor. Bob Villiger of Ozark Mountain Restoration did the paint, while Brian and Derrick did most of the body work. My wife, Judy, and I love going to car shows with the Classic, and welcome all the thumbs up and compliments given by almost everybody. The car will go to my son someday and he has promised to keep it in the family.

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