Larry D 1965 Buick Wildcat Deluxe 4dr Sedan

Grandpa's Buick

I just read your article "The Fabulous 4 Doors" in the winter edition and thought I would send you my story on my 4 door which is not a hot collectors item but has a lot of sentimental value to me. It is a 1965 Buick Wildcat four door sedan which my Grandfather ordered on January 9, 1965, the day I got married as he would not go to weddings or funerals, said he would do his own and that was it. He took delivery of the car in March of 1965 from Woodstock Motor Products Ltd. in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

The engine is a 401 CID, 325 HP Wildcat 445, 4barrel, V8 with an automatic 3 speed super turbine 400. My grandfather drove the car until 1978 when he died. At that time I was living in the Caribbean and my grandmother was going to sell the car so I purchased it from her and it sat in a garage in Canada with occasional use when I was there on vacation. In 2006 I decided to spend the money and had a frame off restoration and rebuild of the car which was done by Great Lakes Auto Restoration in Courtland, Ontario, Canada. The car had no rust and everything was in working order but it was purely for sentimental reasons that I decided to do it fully realizing I would never recover the funds I spent on it.

In 2007 I retired and moved back to Canada to White Rock, British Columbia, Canada and had the car shipped from Ontario to British Columbia where I used it occasionally and enjoyed taking it out on nice days. I also had a home in Palm Desert, California and spent the winters there so the Buick just sat in the garage in British Columbia all winter. In 2012 we decided to make Palm Desert our permanent home, so sold our property in Canada and moved to Palm Desert and I had the Buick shipped here where it now resides with California plates. I still enjoy taking it out for drives and it gets a lot of attention, unfortunately I do not take it out much in the summer with our 100+ degree weather as it has no air-conditioning but get it out from October too April.

I am enclosing some pictures and the interior, engine compartment and trunk are as spotless as the exterior. It presently has 69,045 actual miles on it.

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    Brian Howell Mi January 1, 2015 at 15:04
    I purchased a used 4DRHT 1966 Buick Wildcat from a neighbor in Detroit, with the 401 ci and unknown to me that car was quite fast and ate gas. It was 1971 and several times I wound that car out at speeds over 120 mph plus on the freeway. Car is long gone but the memories live on.

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