Bill A 1936 Ford Model 68 Standard 2dr Cabriolet

1950's HOT ROD, Same owner since 1957

I purchased a 1936 Ford Convertible in March of 1957; I was 18years old at the time. Early modifications included red paint, hydraulic brakes, 15-inch wheels a 1948 Mercury engine and red and white upholstery. As the year progressed, a radio was installed in the glove box and the engine was modified with period speed equipment and chrome accessories.

My wife and I started dating in September of 1956 and the '36 Ford became our dating car. She learned how to drive and took her drivers license test in the the '36. We married in December of 1959. In December of 1961, I was drafted into the Army and in February of 1962 I was given a one-week leave prior to reporting to an Engineer Unit being deployed to Germany during the Berlin Crisis. During that week of leave, the '36 Ford was placed on stands in my in-law's garage in San Francisco.

Forty-eight years later, on March 10, 2010, Martin Hveem of Martin Hveem Automobile Restorations and I rolled the car out of storage into his trailer on the same Dunlop tires that I put on the car in 1957. Restoration of this great old 1950's hot rod had finally begun.

The car is all Ford steel except for some limited rust repair. Martin Hveem has restored this car to be the way I drove it before putting it into storage. The Quality of Martin's work is extremely high and every part of the car has been rebuilt to like new condition. When shown, the car gets lots of complements from the old school car guys. It has presently been driven just over 2000 miles and runs great.


1936 Ford convertible with rumble seat (The rumble seat is smoothed over and is the only modification to the car body)

1948 Mercury engine with 1949 crankshaft, 3/4 race Iskenderian camshaft,Eddy Edmund's intake manifold, Offenhauser cylinder heads, Fenton Headers with glass pack mufflers (These are new as the old exhaust system was in poor condition), Ford 3 speed transmission with Lincoln gears, 1936 Ford differential with 3.54 ratio, 1940 Ford hydraulic Brakes, 4 inch drop front axle (lowers front 2 inches), 1953 Chrysler New Yorker wire wheels (purchased in 1960 but not installed until the cars restoration), 1937 Ford steering with original 1936 steering wheel, 1936 Ford dash and instruments, Mallory distributor.

Restoration by Martin Hveem Automobile Restorations

Body Repairs by Norm Archer Metal Shaping

Upholstery by Higgins Custom Auto Upholstery

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