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My Formula, my baby ! Classic/Antique

I bought this car in the spring of 1979 from Addison Cadillac in Toronto. This was nearing the end of muscle cars of the earlier years. She was looking real beautiful on their turn- about display in their front window on Bay Street.

Times were changing in the early 80's as cars where becoming smaller, gas efficient, eco friendly etc., I never liked the new look of crunched up tiny cars (unless it was British sport's car) to accommodate the new era. Not my style !.

Anyway she is still with me after 35 year, never been in snow. She comes out in spring time for a clean up and for a run about. Starts up with this low growl, rumbling from her double quad exhausts

under your seat. Now that feels real nice !

She's not the high end car, but she sure is sweet !

I had her transported by Guild Automotive Restoration in Bradford, Ontario, this past September. They did detailed work and clean up of the engine, after many years of being parked in my garage. She deserved it.

They certified and appraised her with true odometer reading of 16, 802 Kilometres. They transported her home in November, looking just amazing for an "Old Girl"

That makes two of us.

Merry Christmas, Cheers El (Eleanor Roberts)

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