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Life Time Car

Having grownup with three brothers and a dad who was a master mechanic at the GM Technical Center in Michigan, you could say we were a little car crazy. In our teenage years we had a assortment of Corvettes, Chevelles, Nova's and Camaros and spent many nights cruising Woodward Ave. and at the drags. You could say also this is where it began and stayed with me all these years.

In 1972 I had just been discharged from the Navy and yearning to get back into the car scene, but to my surprise, things had changed. Car manufacturers who promoted high performance cars just a few years ago were now caught up in government emission standards and gas shortage was the talk of the time. So what is a guy to do, the car manufacturers weren't offering much in the line of performance and unlike today there was no eBay,Craiglist or websites to find the car of your dreams. You had to rely on the local newspaper classifies and your buddies to be on the lookout. The only upside was performance cars were in many cases priced very reasonable, many didn't want the gas guzzlers of just a few years ago. So the search was on, after answering many newspaper ads and looking at many cars, in September of 1972 a buddy called me about a 1963 Corvette in a neighbors garage. We quickly went to the house and asked if the Corvette was for sale, he was undecided, but said I could take a look see. It hadn't been driven lately and was on jack stands. The first thing I notice it wasn't stock. It had factory sidepipes and a 1967 big block hood and front louvers, but everything was done very professional. I've never been one to keep things as is and it was done exactly how I would have done it and it did have the original powertrain. Well in the end he sold it to me and its been with me for the last 42 years. I'll be 65 years old this year and enjoying the car scene more than ever and its most gratifying when friends you haven't seen in awhile first say to you 'Still got the Vette'.

The car has given me many memories over the years and my wife early on recognized my passion for my car and I thank her...................

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