Rob L American Austin

Bantam Roadster

I was looking for an older Ford Street Rod with a Ford engine for quite a while. While cruising the Internet I saw this 1932 American Austin. Being a drag racing child of the ’60s, when the Bantam Altereds were a rage, I had to have this one. I had it appraised by a respected Company and, based on their report, bought it and had it shipped to North Carolina in October 2012. It has an older Chevy 350 with a Turbo 350 trans. It is registered as a ’32, insured with Hagerty, and driven weekly. I believe I am the fourth owner.

The bench seats were OSB wood, covered with foam and vinyl. The tach and speedometer were mounted in front of the shifter. I gutted the interior, remounted the tach old school style, on the cowling, cut and reworked the old 2-hole gauge bracket for the speedometer and mounted it under the rebuilt dash. The pleated vinyl behind the seats is made from an old tonneau cover. The bomber seats were cut down and mounted after the floor was recarpeted. I now have 3 inches more legroom and can see THROUGH the windshield.

It took some fitting, but I resewed the seat covers to fit the modified seats using a heavy duty Singer sewing machine that I bought at a yard sale for $25.00.

The cardboard covered door panels were replaced with carpeted luan and custom hidden door latches were made and installed.

The front suspension was replaced with a ’23 T-bucket style drop axle. The wheelbase is 26 inches longer and rides much better. The radiator was replaced and runs 170-175 degrees, even on hot days and long rides.

I have been to several car shows in the area and have done well, so far.

People at the shows, and on the street, have great comments about the car.

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