Daniel L 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass SX Convertible

" Better than a 442 ?"

It was the summer of 1985, and I had just graduated college. While my Dad let me use his 1979 Chevrolet Caprice Station Wagon while I was away at school, when I returned home it was time to get my own set of wheels. My Dad has always had a knack for finding low mileage, clean cars and he found one for me. It was a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Holiday Coupe in Aspen Green. It was being advertised by the son of the original owner. We went to take a look at it and boy was it clean. His Mother had bought the car new from Leiken Oldsmobile in Willoughby, Ohio. It only had 25,000 miles on it. Everything was all original except for wear and tear parts. It had the owners manual, that looked like it had never been opened and the Protect-O- Plate, of which I still posses. He also had the Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract. Total purchase price was a staggering $3396.63, which included $35.00 for rustproofing. The car had power steering, power brakes and an automatic transmission ( THM 350 / 3 speed ) along with the Rocket 350 that still shined bright Olds Gold. There were no other options on the car. To cut to the chase, I ended up buying the car for $2400.00. I was now a proud owner of a beautiful 1970 Cutlass Supreme. I have always loved the body style of the 1970- 1972 Cutlass Supremes. I added only two things to it. A set of Olds Super Sport Wheels and a set of Goodyear Eagle ST Radial tires ( She still had bias ply tires on the car ).

My dream was to own a 1970 Olds 442 W-30 Convertible. By the time I was able to afford one, I was not able to afford one, as the values of this awesome Olds model had gone through the roof. While I licked my chops every time I see a '70 442 W-30 Convertible, which is not often ( mostly in magazines ), I ended up stumbling upon something even better. Three years ago, while perusing E-Bay, I found a 1971 Cutlass SX Convertible, While I knew the SX model Cutlass was kind of rare, I did not know how rare until I did my research. After I discovered that there were only 357 ( yes, 357 ) 1971 Cutlass SX Convertibles produced, I had to have it. And low and behold it was actually well within my price range, as the values of the Cutlass SX model have not even come close to the prices of the 442's ( of any year ). Do not ask me why. I have no idea, considering its ultra low production numbers. The 1971 SX Convertible has a lower production number than any 442, other than the 1970 442 W-30. It is rare. Most people, even some muscle car nuts, have ever seen one.To make a long story short, I bought it. It went up for auction twice and never hit the reserve, so I contacted the person auctioning it, made an offer and it was mine. It is Sienna Brown, with a White top and a White Interior.The SX model Cutlass Supreme was made to fool the Insurance companies. Muscle car insurance rates were rising rapidly along with the horsepower ratings. So, basically the SX model is a 442 in disguise. It has a 455 cubic inch engine and a THM 400 transmission and cranks out 320 horsepower with no modifications. The car is ll numbers matching, other than wear and tear parts. It had 112, 000 miles on it, that is still only about 2700 miles a year. It is not a #1 car, and that is fine with me, because if it was, I would not want to drive it often, and I love to drive it. I have been averaging about 2000 miles a year on it, and that is just nice weather miles, as I live in Cleveland, Ohio. The car came with the Owners Manual, but no Protect-O-Plate. It did have some other paperwork that helped me get a little history on the car. It was made in Lansing, MI and was Originally placed in Service on March 30th,1971 as a GM Company car for the first 3009 miles. It was then sold to Jim Allee Olds in Dallas, TX. It was then sold to J.H. Lowe in Carrollton, TX, in May of 1971, and somewhere between Mr. Lowe and 2012, it ended up in El Paso, TX, so, basically it has been in the nice dry State of Texas for it's whole life, and it shows. All original Detroit Muscle and solid as a rock.

While I always dreamed of the 1970 442 W-30 Convertible, I have found my dream car. To me it is "Better than a 442".

Thank You for letting me share my story !


Daniel in Ohio.

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