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Husband Never Knew

I had gone to an auction, just to see what old household stuff I could acquire. Nothing there really peaked my interest - but then I learned she had a 1970 Pontiac hard top that was going to be auctioned off as well. Her grandson was highly interested in this vehicle as well. So we bid against each other all the way up to $6000. It was a yuckky green, and on more than one occasion she had scraped along the garage - so I bowed out and he won the car.

A few weeks later, I just happened on a sale at an old farm house and barn (lots of stuff spread out all over) They had two 1956 Chevy's, an old Corvair and a 1972 Pontiac LeMans convertible !

My husband was along this day and he told me DO NOT go over $3000 - as that is what it cost brand new.

As the bidding started, he was not around. But he did come back, and just shook his head to tell me to stop bidding. But it didn't matter - my bid was the one that was in, and I won !

After we got it home and started looking it over, he said well it won't take much to get her back in shape, but why were you so intent on 'this' car ?

I never did tell him, but my high school boyfriend owned one, and our first date was in that car (although it was a hard top). Mine had bucket seats, his had a bench seat. So it was different, but the same color.

I didn't have any desire to get back with him, but it was just a cool car. My husband and his kids and I all made some wonderful memories with that car. He passed in 2006. I still have the car, and I don't drive it as much as I should, but I will never get rid of her.

I've had to replace the starter and alternator and the convertible top, but that is all.

I am glad that I happened upon that sale 10 years ago.

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