ROGER B 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 2dr Targa

I drive my Dream Car!

nine years ago, my older brother passed away unexpectedly. He was much older than me. When I was a kid, he drove a 61 Jaguar XK 150, and would sometimes take me for a ride. of course, I loved it, but by the time I became an adult, I just had to have a Porsche. I passed up an opportunity to buy a '64 356, because my driving record was so bad I wouldn't be able to insure it.

When I was about 35, my best friend bought a 73 911. sometimes I got to drive it. That did it. Had to have one of my own. I was completely unimpressed with the sloppy gearbox, but loved the acceleration! When my brother passed, he had no wife or will, so the four siblings divided up his estate. It wasn't a lot of money, but I decided he would appreciate me buying my car. I told my wife I was buying a Porsche and there would be no arguement about it.

I work in auto service and the company I work for owns a Porsche dealership. I work at our VW store. I called one of the most experienced guys at our Porsche store and he gave me advice. He recommended '87 to '89 for the G50 gearbox. I found a creampuff in SF bay area that had been babied and hardly driven. Got it a steal of a price and I have had it nine years. now when it needs service, it goes to our Porsche store and I get the employee rate!

Had to have it appraised recently due to a divorce, and it has doubled in value since I purchased it.

I have personalized license plates. THX HGB. Thanks and then my brother's initials.

Recently had a '64 pull up beside me in traffic. We talked through the windows for a minute. As he drove away, he said "check out my plates".

His said THX POP.

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