Don G Lyman runabout

Last wood boat and then, a classic car

I have been messing around with wooden boats for a long time, I bought and restored my first boat when I was a young boy. My father always had wood boats and would never buy a fiberglass boat and passed the love of the wood boats to me. Mom alway said that glass boats just do not ride like wood. Later in life I owned a nice fiberglass boat and really enjoyed it, but I found a 1957 Pennyan Captivater 14 ft runabout in poor condition. It was the first boat I restored in a long time, I did the boat using most of the original wood where I could, even if it some of the scares still showed. I used that boat for a number of years until I found someone wanted it more thanI did. I had a chis craft ski boat, but I really am an outboard guy, so I sold that boat. A friend told me about the 1953 Lyman that he just bought and asked if I was interested in the boat. I bought the Lyman and the picture is it coming out of my garage for the first time. She now ready for the water and I will us her in the North Country of New York State where we live.

The car pictured is a 1940 plymouth coupe with I bought last year, I drove her all last summer in my local area, I took time to get to know the car and to gain trust in her. This year I may take her to some local shows and cruise nights. We really enjoyed taking her to the ice cream store in the evenings.

Everyone sound have choices, boat or car........


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