Gary F

1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am RAM AIR III

This was a car I always loved as a child in the late 1970's. Friends and kids at school owned this car and I always thought they expressed true American muscle and style. I always enjoyed seeing them on the road and some day wanted to have one of my own.

As I reached my late 40's, I decided to find an original car that I could make my timepiece and enjoy with others.

After several years, I found an original owner vehicle that had all the right "bones" and genetics! I purchased it and began my journey to bring it back to its original condition. We started with the drive train, rebuilding the original engine and transmission for the first time. Next, we stripped the entire car and repaired all minor body issues before applying a single stage Polar White finish and blue decals.

The interior of the car was restored as well, including repairing the stock AM radio, speaker and clock.

The original JW wheels were restored and a new set of Goodyear Polyglas tires were mounted. The result is a beautiful restoration that we are very proud of and enjoy sharing with others whenever possible!

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