Russ F 1964 Chevelle Malibu

Russ' 64 Malibu - a son's gift

Russ Farnell’s 1964 Chevelle Malibu restoration

On a dark & stormy night, I answered a paper ad for 64 Chevy, with smashed in qtr-panel, ripped seats, and made it around the block: $200;

for new wife to put around town. 2 yrs later: she demanded A/C, Pwr str. & brakes; so it was now my daily driver. 35 yrs and 3 engines later, I was semi-retired; going to take it back East for 2 months to see long lost family.

My son says: take my Honda, better on gas, has GPS, I’ll use your Chev.

When I return, wife & family says: keep mouth shut & use his Honda. I smelled something goin’ on, but liked his car. Another 2 months, I come home from work, lots of friends there, and pushed me out to the garage.

When I left, it was a plain clunker like all others in town.

Now, I really couldn’t tell for sure it was my car, til I popped the hood; the 350 block was still there, but very little else. And he did it all on his nickel.

I joined SJ Classic Chevs, and 3 months later, another guy joins with his 64 (in picture behind mine) so we hit the shows – it’s better in a classic!

(Gentlemen: feel free to edit as needed; thank you; Russ)

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