Geoff B Daimler Double Six XJC Avon Stevens Convertible

My Barn find of a lifetime

My son and I completed the restoration of a 1989 Jaguar XJS last summer and were then thinking "what next, and what can we do without mum knowing"? Having picked up a 1972 Triumph TR6, I soon realised that my spine wasn't as strong as it was when I had Triumphs in my 20s. It was at that point that we thought about the Jaguar or Daimler XJC Coupe, one of around 1000 made in the mid to late 1970s. Always thought to be the best ever looking XJ, we looked at a couple and missed a really good one. Ok, so maybe next year. Then one Sunday in September, having just come back Jaguar club show, my son spotted this special XJC car in the classifieds. One of 17 done by Avon Stevens coachbuilders of Warwick UK, authorised by Jaguar, and only one of 4 Daimler Double Sixes. It's reputed to be the last coupe made, hence the black livery and special seats with red piping on the leather.Basically, two owners from new, the late gentleman's pride and joy, 67k miles. I called the number and sent a text, but no reply. I assumed the worst. Next morning, I got a call, yes the car was available, no, no-one had made an offer, and there was someone coming to look at 12 noon. I'd be there at 11 then....I saw the car, black, encrusted in dirt, mice and squirrel mess and nests, in an unlit garage. The roof wouldn't go up and it was full of holes. So buying a black car in a dark garage was going to be a bit of a punt. After 10 minutes of gentle but firm tapping around the car, it was time to make the offer. Another chap had turned up, but he wanted to pay less. The car was mine. Seized brakes meant it took an hour to get on the transporter after its 36-point turn in the tight drive. After a big clean up, it's now off to be restored for a full mechanical and paint job, replacement roof and restored interior. A big job needing the professional touch. I hope to use it for weddings and Sunday drives in the sun. Just need to tell the wife....

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