Gary Z 1965 Corvette StingRay

A Tale of two "Classics"

This is a story of my two "65 Cassics,"'s a love story.

My beautiful wife, Margo who just turned 65 this year, is one of my "65 Classics," ....the other is my "65" StingRay I ordered new from the factory in 1965.

They are both are very beautiful, with smooth, very sleek lines and can be tempremental at times. Both need attention and TLC, one more than the other. Both love the sunshine, not the rain and sparkle when "cleaned" up.

I've had one for 50 years, the other for just 15 years, but I love them both. The three of us go on rides together, ...last week a ride through the Wine Country and lunch in Sonoma. While they both got a lot of looks and stares from admirers, one drew a crowd. Although were it not for the fact I was with the other 65,....she would have no doubt also drawn a crowd.

They are timeless, and I love them both very much.

Gary Zatkovich

Santa Rosa, CA

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