David J 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity 4dr Sedan

Survivor Brothers

My "rescue" cars: Two all original 1987 Chevy Celebrity V6 sedans. Original paint, very slight rust.

Both were and are currently registered, insured, and running.

For some reason I have a 'thing' for Celebrities. Have owned several since buying my first one

in 1989, it was a black 1986 Eurosport sedan, a retired company car.

The four speed auto trans went out a few months after I bought it, at about 78k miles.

The blue 87 sedan V6 was advertised in Craigslist in Honolulu for less than $1000, I bought it

sight unseen and had it shipped here to Maui in 2010. 75k miles currently.

It has the dreaded T440 transmission which growls a bit but is holding up ok.

Many options that I had not had in any previous Celebrities, Gauges !!!, remote trunk release,

tilt wheel, etc. Crank windows and manual locks.

The brown 87 Eurosport V6 sedan was in a local shopper magazine back in April 2014. It was

advertised for repair or parts. 58k miles. When I went to look at it, saw that it was a Eurosport

with almost no rust, good tires, new alternator and battery. Cost $300, and just needed

a MAF sensor and a few other minor items. Electric windows and locks, not my favorite

but they are working ok. Has my favorite T125 3 speed auto trans., seller thought it was bad

but it just needed fluid. Shifts ok, no leaks.

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